ITHOA is the most precise player tracking system available in today’s market, offering positional accuracy within 15cm (6 inches).  Clinically tested at the beginning of 2012, our tools offer both individual and collective information about physical and tactical realities and possibilities.

ITHOA’s softwares improve training by providing in real time the most relevant data and by permitting an immediate and detailed analysis of that data.  In these ways, ITHOA’s products enable coaches and physical trainers to make the most informed and appropriate decisions for their players, thereby refining and intensifying a team’s efficiency.

ITHOA offers:

•    3-D presentation of players’ physical positions
•    17 positions, distances, and speeds per second
•    The ability to assess players’ accelerations and impacts on other players or objects
•    Heart rate with heart beats interval
•    Real-time data reports
•    Analytical and comparison tools
•    The ability to share relevant information with other managers
•    Self service reporting, dashboards and Key Performance Indicators
•    Usability will all devices